City of Mostar

Welcome to Mostar

At dusk, the lights of numerous millhouse restaurants twinkle across gushing streamlets. Narrow Kujundžiluk (‘gold alley’) bustles joyously with trinket sellers. And in between, the Balkans’ most celebrated bridge forms a majestic stone arc between reincarnated medieval towers. It’s an enchanting scene. Do stay into the evening to see it without the summer hordes of day trippers. Indeed, stay longer to enjoy memorable attractions in the surrounding area as well as pondering the city’s darker side – beyond the cobbled lanes of the attractively restored Ottoman quarter are still-apparent scars of the 1990s conflict, especially around Spanski Trg.

Between November and April most tourist facilities go into hibernation while midsummer can get scorchingly hot. Spring and autumn are ideal.

Sights in Mostar