Easter egg from the heart – Uovo di Pasqua dal cuore – Osterei aus dem Herzen

Largest Croatian Easter egg, “Easter egg from the heart”, 2.05 m tall, 1.5 m wide, with a stand that is 120 kg heavy, is a gift of Koprivnica – Krizevci County.
Head of Koprivnica – Krizevci County, Darko Koren, said that project “Easter egg from the heart” was started in 2007, with desire that large Easter egg, symbol of friendship, love and joy of Easter is taken all over Croatia and rest of the world. These large Easter eggs were painted by naïve expression artists Djuro Jakovic, Drago Zufika, Josip Tot and Drago Kovacic. All together they gave life to these Easter eggs, as well as recognizable note of everyday life and tradition of Podravina region.

This region is know to the world by it’s school of Naïve art, in fact, this is the area where this type of art was born. A number of world famous artists come from this place i.e. Ivan Lackovic Croata, Franjo Mraz,… Minimalistic and detailed drawings mainly oil on glass, quite fascinating. There is a tradition to paint eggs for the Easter season, and this project does exactly that but they paint eggs that are about 7 feet high. These eggs are sent around the world as gifts to chosen people, churches, towns… Medjugorje is one of them 🙂 other eggs were sent to the Vatican, the city Zagreb, Paris, New York and so on..

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