Some Medjugorje travel tips for travellers

Follow these Medjugorje travel tip for the best experience

Medjugorje travel tips

Common sense rules of safety :
1. Avoid excessive displays of jewelry or cash
3. Be especially cautious if people approach you begging

Money: In Medjugorje, the official currency is the Bosnian Mark, however they do accept the American Dollar, Euro, Croatian Kuna… If You wish you can exchange your money to local currency. ATM Machines are also available in Medjugorje.

Tipping: Tips are an important part of earnings for your tour guide and taxi drivers.

Electricity: The voltage used is 220 volts AC.

Language: The language in Medjugorje is Croatian, but English, Italian and Deutsch are widely spoken in Medjugorje.

  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Credit cards
  • Mobile
  • Travel bag
  • Snack
  • Map

For Medjugorje magic moments

Transportation in Medjugorje: We can transport You to Medjugorje and from Medjugorje to whatever destination You need to be

Taxi Service: Taxis usually cost 5€(6$) dollars local wherever you go whether there is 1 person or 4 people in the car. We can transfer You.

Medjugorje Hotels / Accommodations: Rooms in Medjugorje room vary from basic to luxury. There is a twin bed, night stand and a small cabinet for your clothes. Several towels can be found on your bed.  Every room does have a bathroom. Check out our Medjugorje Accommodations

Transfers: We offer transfer from the airport to Medjugorje (round trip), as well as for excursion to Cenacola, the Orphanage, Tihaljina… Of course climbing the Pordbrdo (Apparition Hill) and Krizevac Mountain (Cross Mountain), the ONLY way of getting there is by foot.

Gifts and Accessories: We have our Medjugorje Souvenir Shop where you can find useful things like gardening pad, stamps, foldable chairs, sticks, medals and gifts, electrical adaptor, rain pancho, umbrellas and many more.

Do not Forget before travel Medjugorje

LEARN TO PRAY THE ROSARY: Putting Rosary together is a tremendous learning experience. By the time You get here, You will be comfortable with praying it.

GET IN SHAPE: Climbing Apparition Hill and Križevac (Cross Mountain) are must-dos. It makes sense that you should be in good enough shape to walk wherever you want to go and not arrive looking like something the cat dragged in. Be your own best friend and get in shape for this most amazing time of your life.

Good shoes are a must; you don’t want to have to be sitting down every 200 yards.

SUN PROTECTION: You’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. Bring sunblock with an SPF of 15 or higher.

Other Medjugorje Travel Tips Items to Bring:

  • Soap-small bar travel size
  • Shampoo-travel size or put some in a small container.
  • Wash cloth
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste-travel size
  • Deodorant-travel size
  • Chapstick
  • Razor/ Blades
  • Comb/Brush
  • Feminine protection
  • Inflatable head & neck rest, eye mask, foam earplugs (for flight)
  • Portable alarm clock
  • Flashlight
  • Handy wipes: freshening up during the day
  • Tape recorder or journal for Mass, and talks
  • Camera
  • Backpack
  • Mini medicine kit

Medjugorje Map

Medjugorje Map

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